Kutipan dari Makalah Simposium FSTPT XI, Semarang, 2008



Many developing countries always have routing problems. Palembang, one of big cities in Indonesia has problems of routings, such as overlapping routes, fewer passengers on routes (disadvantage routes), and extension routes. Currently, local regulations on public transport concern only about licence for public transport fleet, coverage, and the obligation to pay terminal retribution. There is no regulation about bus loading zones, and time schedules. The aim of this research is to find out why the regulation deployment of public transport routes in many cities in developing countries appears to be ineffective and how to have efficient and effective regulation for public transport routes. Regulation is made based on frame work that considers the experience of public transport problems. To achieve the aim of this study all elements of the system should be fulfilled. Framework to process regulation and policy; first, create the working group –transport stakeholders-, second, after meeting of working groups several organization are set up, namely organisation of public transport authority, organisation of working group stakeholders, organisation of public transport operators, organisation of public transport drivers, and organisation of public transport cooperation body. Licences of Routes Derfor kan det v?re lurt a enten spille pa norske spilleautomater pa nett eller andre spill til du har omsatt for a klarere ut bonusen, eller ikke motta en bonus i det hele tatt. are provided by tender system, which implementation can be accomplished by Public Transport Operators and controlled by Public Transport. Data which are needed to adjust routing problems are data on routes and operators that are affected from the readjustment routes, data on current income of operators and drivers, data on new routes, which operators get “fat routes” and which operators get “thin routes”.  Subsidies for the thin routes are important to support the operators to cover their cost operational.


Keywords : Route, regulation, public transport organisation




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